Friday, 30 April 2010

Computers show up finally

We made good progress today. Mark spent the whole day at NIIT in south Delhi assembling the mechanical parts, while Abe spent his time in a PC rental place in west Delhi trying to see if we can rent an appropriate machine. I went to the British high commission first to discuss the visit from them and then joined Mark at NIIT.

One outcome of my visit to the high commission is that the Director of the British Council and/or the Deputy high commissioner might come and visit us one of the schools on Wednesday along with some Media folks. We are also looking forward to a possible visit by the high commissioner next Friday - fingers-crossed.

Abe had a really hard time trying to find a machine with the appropriate configuration to work for us. Just when we were getting worried about the problems with renting another computer the DHL guys showed up at about 3pm with package from Bristol.  I have no idea what the customs charge was but we were all delighted to see the white Dell PC that we shipped from Bristol.

It looks like Azita and Don (our camera people) had a really interesting day capturing all these hurdles we faced on film.  

Mark looks really exhausted and has decided to skip dinner to get some sleep. I hope he will be OK for tomorrow - we are really dependent on him to get the tables ready for tomorrow. But if all goes to plan he can be a tourist for most of the remaining days in Delhi.

We need to make an early start tomorrow morning (we have to be at NIIT at 7:30 AM) to get the two tables ready so we can start running some experiments. 

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