Thursday, 29 April 2010

Videos of Tasks

Together with Science teachers from the local schools, we developed two types of applications: spider diagram and classifications/grouping.

1. Spider diagram.
* Produce a spider diagram based on the elements given for a
particular topic.
* Topic : Plants and Photosynthesis
* Video :
2. Classifications/grouping.
* Classify the objects and their respected characteristics
according to its group.
* Topic : Animals (Vertebrates)
* Video :

Various interaction techniques incorporated designed to engage user in a fun and rich collaborative experience:

1. Multi-touch
2. Pantograph (like using a trackpad on a laptop, the actions on the
trackpad is magnified on the screen)
3. Drawing line
4. Deleting line
5. Objects manipulation: rotate, scale and move.

We can easily use the same task template (i.e. spider diagram or classification) and change it to a different topic as required by the teacher/user.

Topics are based on the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum syllabus.

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