Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Rifleshot testing

We had fun today doing the rifleshot test. I was surprised that no one on this side of the Atlantic knew what 'rifleshot testing' meant. Apparently they thought I was going to do a William Tell with a rifle :-)
So anyways, we got a bunch of PhDs and to-be PhDs to become teenagers again and try break the apps. First off it started bad. Cam recording software turned out to be a memory hog. So we took it outside, behind the shed and shot it. Then the 'kids' had fun running stuff and trying to break it.
The quick inputs were that we didn't want the images to grow too big and the debug text from Touchlib needed to go away.

Much to Izzy's dislike we removed the pink blobs and replaced them with blue ones. Yippie!

Hope the customs issues are resolved and we have the PCs to run the app in India.


  1. Were you running the cam software at 2 frames a second rather than full speed?

    And you will find everything speeds up if you use CCV and not the interpretation layer that touchlib requires...

  2. we were running it on automode... seemingly that's the problem. We just did demo videos with 4fps and it looks fine :-)